About Daystrom 

Started nearly 30 yeas ago, Daystrom remains committed to software-based approaches to IT Infrastructure that deliver performance and flexibility unmatched by traditional hardware approaches. With an emphasis on automation, Daystrom clients benefit from the many features and benefits of their storage systems with minimal human intervention.

The Story Behind Daystrom

The idea has always been counterintuitive:  build solutions from a foundation of simplicity, and from there we can provide the features and benefits everyone seeks.  But as many are aware: Simple can be harder than complex.  Simple means focus and focus takes commitment. Simple can also be hard to see and is often unimpressive.  Simple seems like a really bad sales and design strategy in the fast-moving tech world.
And yet: here we are… nearly 30 years after we started, Daystrom continues to seek to understand the needs of our clients, and the technology at hand, and then merge the two into the simplest most elegant computing solutions achievable.  Of course, hearing us opine on simplicity may create the impression that we are borderline Luddites, or yearn for the years of a classic 8086.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We love next-gen toys, like any proper engineer:   64-core workstations, 200G networking, massive parallel file systems… we’ve been delighting in such tech for quite a spell.  However, we review every new technology with the same skeptical eye: is the ‘core’ built to create real value for our clients, and is the ‘new’ tech really worth the effort/risk/costs?
This is where working with Daystrom makes technology easy: we already sweat through all these details before we ever suggest such a solution, and then we sweat the details again during deployment, and then more sweating as you break it in and make it ‘sing.’   We sweat the details so you don’t have to.  It’s what we’ve been doing since the early ’90s.  Talk to us and find out why!
Our Values

Above all else, we operate on the principles of helping others, integrity, and excellence.


Do the Right Thing and Do What You Say You Will. Our company does the right thing for employees and customers even at the expense of profits. Our solutions are reliable and trustworthy.

Helping Others Succeed

Focus on the needs of the people we serve. Our company exists to serve our customers with the right storage solutions. Our solutions are designed from the customer’s problems.


Engineer with expertise and think for tomorrow. Our company focuses on sustainable growth through better engineering. Our solutions accommodate tomorrow’s needs.

Our Clients

Our commitment to these values is what separates us from our competitors, and why so many of our current clients continue to value our services long after the sale. Over the past years, we have worked with:

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The Daystrom Team

Paul Evans

Founder & Principal Engineer

Tyson Webster

Director of Engineering

Nancy Bragdon

Director of Finance

Daniel Gorn

Director of Operations

Teresa Navarro

Director of Customer Experience

We make it easy to get the exact-fit solution your data demands

Our Team asks the right questions, develops insightful solutions, and works closely with you to choose the best one.

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